Our Social Management

At Austral, we search to contribute to the development of the communities where we operate by carrying out activities related to our core business in alliance with local players.

At Austral, we have developed social responsibility programs in every locality where we have production plants: Coishco, Chancay, Pisco, and Ilo. Our Social Responsibility Plan has been elaborated from a baseline, including a socioeconomic diagnosis and a mapping of stakeholders with a focus on economic, environmental and social aspects and the identification of organizations and social groups existing at every zone. Our courses of action include Education, Employment, Nutrition, Health, Environment, and Social Development.

By virtue of the Infrastructure Tax Act, we implemented the infrastructure of the stadium of Coishco in Ancash, where we built the east and west grandstands including a roof to protect spectators. We installed a sprinkler system, a cistern tank, and 8 concrete posts with the respective electrical system for adequate lighting of the entire stadium. We invested S/. 1,972,161.16 in this project.

Estadio de Coishco

Our most representative programs, projects, and campaigns are the following:

Viva Austral Program


Program aimed at developing and enhancing the capacities of teachers, turning the school into a space for the exercise of a citizenship with values that contribute to sustainable development.

“Growing Together” Program


Program focused on the sustainable development of the artisanal fishermen of the communities neighboring our plant.

“Fish your Scholarship at SENATI” Program

Coishco, Chancay, Pisco and Ilo.

Program providing youth with the opportunity to develop technical skills and the necessary knowledge to fulfil their professional goals.

“Let’s Move” Project


Project promoting youth with the opportunity to conduct healthy alternative activities with the purpose of distancing them from vulnerable situations such as delinquency.

“Austral Takes Care of You” Health Campaign

Coishco, Chancay, Pisco and Ilo.

Campaigns intended for parents and focused on preventing and fighting against diseases related to malnutrition and bad hygiene habits.

“Austral Green”

Coishco, Chancay, Pisco and Ilo.

Such campaigns are focused on improving and being aware of our role as a company and a member of the community to take care of the environment by means of training and specific actions by our collaborators, authorities, and members of the communities neighboring our plant.

Corporate Volunteering

Coishco, Chancay, Pisco and Ilo.

Corporate volunteering searches for ways to contribute to local development with activities involving economic investment by Austral and the volunteering and solidarity of our collaborators; for example, the renewal of infrastructure in schools and PRONOEIs (Non-formal Early Education Programs), as well as Christmas campaigns organized by our collaborators and aimed at the most vulnerable segments of the population.

“Maths for everyone – Reinforcement” Program

Coishco, Chancay, Pisco, and Ilo

Mathematics reinforcement program intended for children in the 1st and 2nd grades.

“Let´s eat healthy” Nutritional Program


Nutritional program in alliance with World Vision NGO, promoting a balanced diet including the fish consumption 3 times a week with the purpose of improving healthy eating habits and fighting against malnutrition.

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