Our Products

Our products are highly nutritious, excellent quality, and satisfy the highest national and international standards and meeting the needs of our most demanding clients.

Our products come from fishing operations that are strictly controlled and regulated by the Peruvian State. Anchovy fishing is regulated under the individual quotas system, and our biodiversity control is one of the best worldwide.

We produce fishmeal and fish oil from anchovy (engraulis ringens), a species with a high quantity of amino acids essential for adequate feeding and growth of the species that feed from it. We also produce canned, fresh and frozen seafood from horse mackerel, mackerel, squid, bonito, mahi-mahi, and others.

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Main Office:
Av. Victor A. Belaúnde N° 147 Torre Real 1, piso 3 – Centro Empresarial Real, San Isidro – Lima 27 - Perú
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