Our Company

We are a leading fishing company dedicated to the production of marine based foods and ingredients for the world, operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

We are a member of the Norwegian Austevoll Seafood ASA Group, one of the largest fishing groups in the world, publicly traded on the Oslo Stock Exchange, with operations in four of the most important fishing countries Norway, United Kingdom, Peru, and Chile.

We are dedicated to producing and trading frozen products, canned fish, fishmeal, and fish oil. Our team is composed of more than 1,200 collaborators committed to the company’s objectives, who perform their daily tasks applying a management model focused on continuous improvement, sustainability, eco-efficiency, and innovation.


Create sustainable value promoting the care of the sea and the development of communities.


Be recognized as the leading fishing company in sustainability in Peru.

Our Values

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Main Office:
Av. Victor A. Belaúnde N° 147 Torre Real 1, piso 3 – Centro Empresarial Real, San Isidro – Lima 27 - Perú

RUC: 20338054115

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