Pioneers in the production of Prime and Super Prime Fishmeal

We produce excellent quality fishmeal, highly digestible, and with important nutritional characteristics (high protein value, vitamins, and essential minerals). Our fishmeal and fish oil products have the IFFO certification guaranteeing that the food and nutritional value come from sustainable sea sources.

Our fishmeal and fish oil are produced with the highest standards meeting the needs of our most demanding clients and markets such as aquiculture, food for pets, and farm animals (pigs, cattle, etc.).

We are pioneers in the production of Prime and Super Prime Fishmeal.

We have steam dryers at all of our plants.

We have a modern system of effluents treatment. All effluents entering the process are treated by means of dehydration, flotation and filtration systems (PAMA System).

We permanently monitor the effluents, atmospheric emissions, air quality, and environmental noise at the plant, meeting the regulatory environmental standards and our own voluntary commitments.

Main Office:
Av. Victor A. Belaúnde N° 147 Torre Real 1, piso 3 – Centro Empresarial Real, San Isidro – Lima 27 - Perú
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