Fish Oil

We take full advantage of the raw material to produce products which satisfy the needs of the market.

Our fish oil is ideal for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries since it has a high content of Omega 3, EPA, DHA, and fatty acid, ideal for the elaboration of very important, unique and enriched nutritional supplements for blood flow and good functioning of the brain and eyes. Its nutrients are highly beneficial to children and adults.

We also produce excellent quality fish oil with high nutritional value, ideal for aquiculture and the pet food industry since it guarantees an optimum growth for the species that consume it.

We produce fish oil for both Direct Human Consumption (DHC), Omega 3, and Indirect Human Consumption (IHC).

We have specialized production and storage facilities meeting the highest of quality standards.

We have a solid and fat recovery system.

Main Office:
Av. Victor A. Belaúnde N° 147 Torre Real 1, piso 3 – Centro Empresarial Real, San Isidro – Lima 27 - Perú
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