Our Environmental Management

Austral has invested more than US$ 60 million in technological innovation related to environmental care.

We are committed to environment preservation, investing permanently in technology to minimize the impact of our effluents, emissions, and residues conducting our operations with eco-efficiency, aligned with the Commitments to a Sustainable and Responsible Fishing.

Solid and Fat Recovery

Austral has implemented modern technology for the treatment of effluents allowing us to comply with the Maximum Permissible Limits for the Fishmeal and Fish Oil Industry established by DS-010-2008-PRODUCE. It makes us an eco-efficient company due to a better recovery of solids and fats present in the pumping water, minimizing contamination and favoring sustainability of the marine ecosystems.

Renewal and Repowering of our Fishing Fleet

The investment in the construction of the most eco-efficient vessel of the country (F/V Don Ole) was US$ 30 million and the continuous investment in sonars, radars and RSW systems improvement of our other vessels exceeded approximately US$ 13 million in the last 4 years.

Installation of Natural Gas for the Combustion by our Boilers

We started with the Pisco Plant with an investment of approximately US$ 2.7 million and will continue with the conversion of the boilers in Chancay and Coishco.

Registry of Good Practices of the Environmental Assessment and Enforcement Agency (OEFA)

All our production plants have been recorded in the registry of Good Practices of the OEFA thanks to our good management and compliance with environmental standards.

Environmental Education and Culture

We conduct awareness and education programs on environmental care such as cleaning of beaches, eco-speeches, environmental contests, promotion of biogardens intended for the community and our collaborators. They are focused on the promotion of the 3R’s and energy and water care.

Austral is Part of 7C

Austral Group is part of the Corporate Climate Commitment Initiative looking for evidencing the commitment and advances of the private sector in topics related to climate change.

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